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We specialize in Medicare for Maryland

Maryland Senior Insurance offers a variety of Medicare insurance products for seniors throughout the state. Our independent insurance brokers are experts at Medicare Supplement Plans, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription Rx Plans.

Offering A Variety of Insurance Choices

At MSI (Maryland Senior Insurance), Medicare is our specialty. We have access to dozens of companies so you can choose the right plan for yourself, from a wide range of prices and benefit options.  As independent agents, Maryland Senior Insurance brokers offer the following type of plans:

Medicare Supplement Plans -  Also known as Medigap Plans.  Popular choices are Plans F, G, N, A and High-Deductible Plans F & G.  These plans start paying where Medicare leaves off, they fill the "gap" in Medicare's coverage.  Use virtually any doctor or hospital nationwide without networks or referrals. Think of Supplement Plans as "all-you-can-eat" as you pay your premium once per month, and can consume as many of the benefits at no additional cost.  Prices vary by age, sex and even pre-existing conditions. Supplement Plans are available statewide, and are offered by dozens of insurance carriers. Enrollment is year round, however, there are a few special rules and deadlines surrounding how and when you can enroll.  Connect with us for additional information.

Medicare Advantage Part C Plans -  These plans vary by county and are typically offered by a variety of companies, both local (like Johns Hopkins / Alterwood Health) and national carriers (like UnitedHealthcare / Aetna).  Depending on your county, there are HMO's, PPO's and Special Needs Plans (DSNP) available.  Advantage Plans typically require you to select doctors from a network and offer a large variety of extra benefits built into the plan such as:  dental insurance, vision benefits, hearing aids, transportation, a free gym membership, drug coverage, a nurse hotline, Over-The-Counter credits to shop, and much much more. Contact us for your options.

Medicare Rx Drug Plans -  Known as Part D or PDP plans, these small insurance policies are separate from both a Supplement or Advantage Plan.  Typically paired with a Supplement Plan, these Part D plans vary in cost as well as network of pharmacies.  Plans vary by state and can be changed during the Fall Annual Enrollment Period (AEP).  At Maryland Senior Insurance, we can help you determine which drug plan would be best for you for each year based on your current list of medications and where you prefer to shop.  As a free service, we will review your plans each fall.

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Why Choose A Local Maryland Insurance Broker?

As local independent Brokers, we are able to offer more to our clients than call center agents:

  • Dozens of insurance companies to choose from, both local companies & national brands!
  • Flexible hours to accommodate your busy schedule!
  • We are willing to speak by phone, zoom or meet locally at a local business or at your home!
  • We work for you, not some large insurance carrier!
  • We live here, so we know the nuances and details of the Maryland market!
  • No Broker Fees and you'll never pay more for us to help you (premiums are fixed by law)!
  • No charge for our services, we are compensated by the carriers, not you!
  • Medicare is all we do, so we won't try to sell you any financial products!
  • We never share your data, it's too valuable to us and unethical to do so!
  • We are local small business owners, so we spend our money locally, where you live!

Thousands of Happy Clients Can't Be Wrong!

Since 2011, our brokers have been helping Seniors learn about Medicare and select the right plan for them.  We have hundreds of 5-Star reviews and thousands of happy clients from all walks of life.

We're here for our clients, and referrals are a big part of why we grow!

Every broker associated with Maryland Senior Insurance (MSI) is independent and works directly with each client. You select which broker you'd like to work with and contact them directly here >>>.  Your broker will be with you during the entire process of explaining options, plan choice, enrollment and account servicing (after the enrollment). 

Each of our Brokers have gone through mandatory training, certification and state licensing. Additionally, they have each passed the AHIP training modules and passed annual exams to remain certified to sell Advantage & Drug Plans.

Furthermore, each Broker carriers Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance, has shown their ability to adhere to multiple regulations set forth by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS).  

Lastly, every Broker is trained locally with each individual carrier, in-office seminars, customer relation training and are members of our Broker community with access to dozens of top-level executives representing various insurance carriers. We take pride in the quality of our Brokers and strive to deliver exceptional service.

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